Painting Services in Desoto City, MS and Shelby county Tennessee

Interior Painting
Carefully survey the walls and woodwork for any repairs before starting. Place drop cloths on floors and plastic on furniture to minimize accidents. Repair walls and woodwork as needed. Apply the necessary number of coats for a smooth finish.

Exterior Painting
Preparation is the key. We sand and scrape any peeling paint. Pressure wash to remove dirt and mildew. We caulk, where necessary. We prime bare wood with exterior primer. We apply one or two coats of paint depending on the customer’s request.

Refinish Stained Doors
Lay drop cloths down to minimize accidents. Sand old stain off door. Clean door to remove dust. Apply oil base stain as selected by the customer. Apply three coats of an exterior spar urethane.

Light Carpentry
A new division. We are experienced in replacing fascia and soffit. If task is too complicated, we have a carpenter-on-call that will be called.

Sheetrock Repair
Depending on degree of damage, we will replace, tape and bed the new piece, prime and paint corner to corner for a smooth finish.

Wallpaper Removal
We use a steamer, hot water in spray bottle and scrapers to remove the layers of wallpaper. After walls dry, we fix the places on the sheetrock that need repairing, prime and paint.

Ceiling Texture Removal
We have a special sander with vacuum attachment (picture in our gallery) that speeds the process and minimizes the dust. We fix the places on the sheetrock that need repairing, prime and paint.

Pressure Washing
2 machines that can thoroughly clean a home from the gutters to the ground.

Cabinet Repainting

Off site finishing of cabinets and drawers

  1. Timely completion
  2. Proper preparation
  3. Correct application
  4. Attention to detail